November 29, 2023

On the first day of Advent, snow falls to the deepest regions

On the first day of Advent, snow falls to the deepest regions

Swiss weather flash

What will the weather be like in Switzerland in the next 24 hours? Here you are informed of everything important!


At the moment, the weather is wet and grey. However, at the beginning of the pre-Christmas period next weekend, the chances of the first snowflakes falling as far as the lowlands increase.

You can rightly hope that it will snow in the depths of the First Coming.

November lives up to its notoriety so far, «SRF Meteo» reports. It should remain that way for the next few days and remain foggy and cloudy in the central plateau and several alpine valleys. According to the weather services, you can at least expect the first snow between Friday and Sunday, even in the flatlands.

As it stands, winter will “take an extra ride” into the first weekend in Advent, as you’d expect.Meteonews“In a message. The onset of winter is expected on Friday. As meteorologist Klaus Marquardt explains, the depth of the weather-determining Mediterranean then shifts north and brings more moist air to the northern side of the Alps. At the same time, cooler air will seep in. To Switzerland from Germany and France.

A couple enjoying the view of Zug from the snow-covered Zugerberg. (Archives)

Photo: Keystone

On the northern edge of the country, it should remain fairly dry, but there will be an increase in precipitation along the Alps. As the snow line drops to about 500 metres, according to Marquardt, flakes can also reach the plains. However, it is somewhat damp and should not remain lying down. So you shouldn’t expect the first white to come here.

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The air returned to cold on Sunday

On Saturday, according to Meteonews, the Alpine region will initially see slightly milder air from the south. In the mountains it can also be foehn, while in the north it will still be dry in the morning and no new rain will appear until the afternoon. On Sunday, cold air will flow again from the north, increasing the chances of more snowflakes.

So you’ll likely see the first chips at Maitland this weekend, as Marquardt sums it up. However, the development is dynamic “and these forecasts have not yet been set in stone,” according to the meteorologist.