July 12, 2024

On Wednesday comes a heat wave up to 35 degrees!

On Wednesday comes a heat wave up to 35 degrees!

As of Wednesday, summer David high temperatures reach over 30 degrees in Switzerland. The weather is usually very summery with local showers.

The basics in brief

  • Next week starts with clouds.
  • But during Monday, the sun will confirm itself more and more.
  • Starting Wednesday, David’s soaring summer will ensure very high temperatures.

After a hot weekend The new week begins with slightly cooler and cloudy temperatures. But during the week, David comes to Switzerland and brings summer weather and high temperatures.

In the central plateau, the clouds will disappear on Monday morning and give way to the sun’s rays. This is what meteorologists expect SRF. There is still some light showers, and temperatures are a nice 24 degrees.

In the Alps and the Alps, it gets brighter as the day progresses and the temperature rises to 25 degrees. However, local rain and thunderstorms are still expected.

The week starts hot in Ticino: Monday is mostly sunny with temperatures reaching 31 degrees. On Tuesday and Wednesday it will still be sunny and warm on the southern side of the Alps. Cumulonimbus with local showers and thunderstorms are possible in northern Ticino and Engadin.

Are you looking forward to the hot weather?

On the northern side of the Alps, summer is also at its best: cumulus rarely block the sun, and small showers and thunderstorms are expected locally. Temperatures will rise to 28 degrees on Tuesday and 32 degrees on Wednesday.

In the following days, David’s summer rise causes the thermometer to rise even more. Temperatures are expected to hover between 30 and 35 degrees starting Thursday. However, there may be local showers and thunderstorms in eastern and central Switzerland.

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