July 15, 2024

On a military base – an intruder entered a US government plane

On a military base – an intruder entered a US government plane

A stranger arrived at the joint US military base at Andrews Base southeast of Washington, DC and boarded a government plane. Air Force One is also at the base.

Joint Base Andrews, Maryland: On Thursday, a stranger arrived at the US military base, where the President’s plane, Air Force One, is stationed. (Archive image)

France Press agency

A stranger came to a US military base, where the president’s plane is stationed, and gained access to a government plane. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby said the incident was “taken very seriously”. The Air Force immediately began a global review of security precautions.

Kirby said security precautions have already been adjusted at Joint Base Andrews, southeast of Washington, DC. On Friday afternoon (local time), President Joe Biden flew from there by Government Air Force One to his nearby home in Delaware.

Strange arrest

The man arrived at the base on Thursday and gained access to the C-40, a military version of the Boeing 737-800. The aircraft is clearly identifiable as a government aircraft due to the blue and white paintwork and the words “USA” in capital letters. According to the Air Force, it is used to transport cabinet members and high-ranking military commanders.

According to US media reports, the unarmed man was arrested after entering a C-40 plane and handed over to the police in Maryland. It was not clear at first how long he had spent at the base. The motive behind the intruder was still unclear.

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For Biden, who was sworn in on January 20, the return flight to Delaware on Friday was the first by government plane as president. However, for the short flight, Biden did not use the large Boeing 747-200B, but a smaller machine. This is also called Air Force One when the President is on board.