May 23, 2024

Great Britain: City council meeting in Handforth (England) escalates fully - News abroad

Great Britain: City council meeting in Handforth (England) escalates fully – News abroad

Great comedy from England!

In the English town of Handforth, the online meeting of the local council escalated completely. A Record Of The Battle Of Words Made To Youtube – Best Reality TV Product!

The video of the meeting, which actually took place in December, took a few weeks to round the web. Now it’s not just England enjoying the superstars of TG.

With a cool and elegant British accent, the mostly non-young members blew up one by one. They interrupt each other, poison each other, shout, laugh.

Before the meeting officially begins, technical matters are clarified. Then the matter comes to the record – and the problem begins: The meeting was not called according to the law, says an elderly man. An old lady denies this.

“You have nothing to say here, Jackie Weaver, you have nothing to say at all!” The man complains. Weaver is panting and messing with her computer. Then a young man’s voice can be heard in the background: “I kicked him out, I just kicked him out!”

The man who was fired identifies himself as the cashier by his name on the screen – some participants deny this, and it is debated whether the man should be brought back to the meeting. He has to stay outside.

Nonsense is being talked about for several minutes. Finally, Weaver begins: This is a meeting called by two local councils. “illegal!” Cuts off the sound from the background again. But Weaver continues: “… to elect a president.”

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Then the young man is afraid: “You can’t do that because the vice president is here. I’ll take the chair.” He shouts: “Read the rules of procedure! Read it and understand it!”

This is where things get really messy: Many older men teach Weaver about procedural rules. “Chairman of the Council … Um … President of the Council!” He throws a man with a mustache.

“Show some respect to Jackie Weaver,” a white-haired woman with a ripple asks. An old man who appears to be sitting on a sofa answers this with hysterical laughter. After Jackie Weaver removed her other detractors from the video call with a click of the mouse, the box became quiet.

She later told the BBC that most of the sessions were “in fact not the case.” The cause of the conflict has not been reconstructed.