March 1, 2024

OK then?  Perhaps Hideo Kojima will restart Silent Hill

OK then? Perhaps Hideo Kojima will restart Silent Hill


Current rumors about a the silent Hill-The restart has been confirmed by another source. So there are many indications that Metal Gear developer Hideo Kojima has been tasked with reviving the horror series.

that happened: like Gematsu Quoted by Report from British news site VGC Meanwhile, Hideo Kojima can work on rebooting Silent Hill. Unnamed publication sources point to this – the rumor mill is still fueled by a tweet by former Silent Hill artist Masahiro Ito.

It’s not entirely clear if the restart project could be the stalled Silent Hills.

Ruhe in Frieden, Pyramid Head

If the aforementioned publishing sources speak the truth, Konami will return to the production of classic video games after a long Pachinko attack. The Japanese developer allegedly has several Silent Hill games in the pipeline as well as new versions of Castlevania and Metal Gear.

The latter is said to have been commissioned from outside studios; Especially the Sony-funded Silent Hill reboot. This could indicate at least a temporary PlayStation exclusive.

In connection with the current rumors, Silent Hill designer Masahiro Ito (Silent Hill 1-4) has attracted attention. He posted the following tweet:

Ito had previously stated that he would not return to the Silent Hill series until he could kill Pyramid Head. It seems that this finally succeeded in the emergence of the powerful Japanese.

We have no more information about the restart of Silent Hill. But we stay on the ball for you.

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Are you happy with the latest developments in Silent Hill, or has the series become uninteresting to you due to the long waiting time?