September 30, 2023

October 2021 Edition Cosmic Collisions -

October 2021 Edition Cosmic Collisions –

Knowledge <-> the scientist

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Prehistoric Hell in Germany

Earth has been repeatedly exposed to destructive minor planets. There are even two geologically small craters in southern Germany. Did they grow up at the same time?
by Thorsten Dambeck

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Thea, wanted so badly

Where did the primordial planet come from, which caused the moon to be born when it collided with the Earth?
by Thorsten Dambeck

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bombing from space

Planetary scientists are looking into the chronology of the early solar system: Was there a sudden flood of cosmic influences four billion years ago — of all things, when the first life on Earth was in motion?
by Thorsten Dambeck

Science violators die

birth control pills vs free will

Lake in the endurance test

In the past it was the massive increase in algae, today it is the breeding of small nets and infestation of mussels: Lake Constance always has new challenges to overcome. In the Seewandel Project, marine scientists investigate whether and how they can deal with changing environmental conditions
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life <-> Human

life measurement

Digital twins and a comprehensive understanding of biology can greatly improve health medicine
by Peter Spork

Ark in eternal ice

In order to ensure that the world’s population is fed despite climate change, seeds from different types of crops are stored in the seed vault in Svalbard.
by Daniela Wakonig

research perspective

coffee table hypotheses
by Ralph Neumann

Medicines in the fight against viruses

The Covid-19 pandemic improves the chance that new antiviral agents will already emerge from concepts and research results
by Frank Frick

technology <-> the future

Crystal extremists

Diamonds are in great demand due to their hardness and durability. Now researchers have created materials with a similar structure and even more extreme properties. And they can unlock completely new apps
by Reinhard Breuer

Sabine Hossenfelders . samples

The cosmic principle oscillates

Drones for professionals

Until now, the little things in flight were considered mainly a gimmick. But better technology and proper regulations create the basis for more useful applications

Bacteria – love to eat

A protein for human consumption produced using bacteria to filter carbon dioxide from the atmosphere? It already exists – and products made from it could soon be in the supermarket


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