July 13, 2024

Now Chelsea is also parting with Christopher Fifill

Now Chelsea is also parting with Christopher Fifill

London (Great Britain) / Leipzig – Leipzig Ex-team schemer Christopher Pfeiffel, 36, has caused a stir again: after the Red Bulls abruptly sacked their manager in October last year, the 36-year-old was said to be on leave from Chelsea – and that’s after just seven months.

Still belongs to Leipzig: Christopher Pfeiffel (36) in May 2022 in the right-back game against Glasgow Rangers. Meanwhile, Fiville’s successor, Chelsea, also parted ways with him. © Jan Woitas / dpa

report fromParentsAccording to Pfeiffel, he no longer fit into the concept of a staff structure, as the many commitments to management raised questions about his role.

At RB, Vivell was surprisingly released in early October.

The only reason initially given by the club was that they had “different points of view”. This caused astonishment, above all because Vivell had previously put on a good show.

RB Leipzig
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Since the departure of sporting director Markus Kroch (42) to Eintracht Frankfurt, he has been involved in contract extensions Josko Gvardiol (21) and star right-back Christopher Nkunku (25). He also co-signed David Raum (25) and Xavier Schlager (25).

But it turned out after he was fired That Pfeiffel introduced himself to Chelsea during his time at Leipzig. The transition to Londoners finally took place in December.


Christopher Pfeiffel was fired from Chelsea: sporting directors, they say, earned themselves

The love affair seemed short-lived: shortly after he went to Chelsea, the Premier League club brought in Paul Winstanley and Lawrence Stewart as co-sporting directors, among others. According to The Guardian reports, they made a valuable contribution to finding and signing Mauricio Pochettino (51) as coach.

It remains to be seen where Vivell will end up next.

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