December 9, 2023

Nintendo Switch - Joy-Con-Controller

Nintendo is improving its Joy-Con controllers – more improvements planned in the future – ntower

As important to the user experience as the Nintendo Switch console itself, it is Joey Con as an input device. In the past, there were more complaints about input devices, especially analog sticks, defective and many users face the so-called drift problems. To improve the user experience, Nintendo has taken this up and the Joy-Con, according to a statement from Ko Shiota And Toru Yamashita From the technology development department nintendo, Accordingly.

Analog sticks in focus improvements

In an interview on the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model They both commented on the wear and tear and improvements already made to the Joy-Con. According to Toru Yamashita, Nintendo is constantly making improvements, even if they aren’t always immediately apparent. He added that Joy-Con controllers used by customers have been investigated and that wear resistance And durability continuously to improve she has. In particular, the focus was on the analog stick parts:

Joy-Con analog stick parts aren’t something you can buy off the shelf, they’re custom built. In addition, we have improved the reliability test itself and made other changes to improve durability and pass the test with newly defined standards.

When the effects of our improvements were confirmed, we immediately built them into the Joy-Con controllers that came with the Nintendo Switch Lite, as well as the individually sold Joy-Con controllers manufactured at the time. This affects the Joy-Con’s internal components, so that the improvements cannot be seen from the outside. In addition, new versions of components are also used when repairing them. Similar continuous improvements have been made to the Nintendo Switch Pro console.

Since the components are in physical contact, there is a file wear or tear inevitableAccording to Ko Shiota, it is similar to car tires that experience constant friction from contact with the ground while driving. Toru Yamashita added that the degree of wear depends on factors such as the combination of materials and shapes. So they keep looking for fixtures that are less prone to wear and tear.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED model includes a new version of the Joy-Con

By the way, buyers of the new Nintendo Switch OLED model can look forward to the improved version of the Joy-Cons, as Toru Yamashita reported in an interview. But improvements must also be implemented in future Nintendo Switch family products.

As mentioned earlier, the specifications of the Joy-Con controllers have not changed, which means that we haven’t added any new features such as: for example, new buttons have been added, but the analog sticks on the Joy-Con controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch OLED model are Latest version with all improvements. Of course, this also applies to analog sticks installed in the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, separately available Joy-Con controllers, and the Nintendo Switch Pro controller currently shipping.

It will be interesting to see if the drift problems will finally end, or at least the occurrence of the problem will be less.

Happy Nintendo Switch OLED model owners and have you already noticed improvements?