December 8, 2023

AFC Wrexham: - Neue Teams im FIFA 22

Has the popular game got a new name?

It is very likely that EA’s Fifa will not be available soon under the popular name. With the name change, an era will come to an end.

The basics in brief

  • Fifa is one of the most popular games for consoles.
  • Now the game developer is thinking of a serious change.
  • The American company is considering whether to change the name of the soccer game.

The game manufacturer Electronic Arts, also known as EA, is thinking of a small revolution. As the company announced on Thursday, it can Popular football game FIFA Get a new name.

EA General Manager Cam Webber confirmed that the company is currently reviewing the naming rights. it will be from big change To many players who grew up playing football. The game has been published annually with the same name for 28 years.

With the game, the game developer EA got a golden nose. In the first week after FIFA Edition 22 The game has been sold over nine million times. The head of EA also published these numbers.

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