December 4, 2023

Niko Winter was studying for a Master’s degree in Canada: Meeting the challenge makes you proud

sing Nico Winter is a banker and you can tell how he can shape things in this area. Although he is already part of the board of directors as an employee of Sparkas Hegau-Potensee, he is still an “intern”.

In addition to her challenging work close to the bank’s boardroom, she has now completed her successful part-time Bachelor’s degree, which she can complete next year with a Master’s in Business Administration and as a qualified Savings Bank Business Economist. . To do this, he continues to study part-time at the Sparkas Association University in Bonn. Only 23 students across the country take part in the course with Nico Winter, which also underlines special needs. “It sounds exclusive, but it’s really great in terms of reference points for my daily work,” explains the future manager of a savings bank in an interview with the weekly BLATT.

Weekly Paper: Of course, this is a course in which you have to do a lot of work on your own, because the visiting hours at the university are limited.

Nico Winter: I will be on site in Bonn for a total of 19 weeks over the two years due to higher attendance in the current degree compared to my undergraduate degree which was almost a distance course.

Weekly Paper:
They also had the opportunity to spend a few weeks in Canada as part of their studies.
Nico Winter: For the module abroad, we needed an institution that cooperated with our university and Canada, more precisely Victoria on Vancouver Island in the Pacific, was an option, which was the destination of most fellow students. It was a really cool experience that I definitely didn’t want to miss. Cultural understanding of people opened up a very important horizon that I could take with me here.
Weekly Paper: How does such a foreign consortium actually work?
Nico Winter: This was done directly through the University of Victoria, which offers “summer schools” during the holidays, where students from abroad can come for a few weeks. Lessons were not tailored to banking, but focused on topics such as global economic strategies for the future and how much commonality the global economy needs, as well as cultural exchange – all in English, of course.
Weekly Paper: The Pacific is certainly very cold.
Nico Winter: I have been there twice with some friends. But since it was a holiday we couldn’t go on a boat trip, so we went to the beach. The leg test showed it was colder than expected, but it certainly wasn’t our style to turn around or retreat, even if it was short, we could now say we’d been in the Pacific before.
Weekly Paper: You already have significant ambition to rise to a leadership position.
Nico Winter: You also need it if you want to achieve something. This is necessary to cope with the already noticeable double burden of work and study, i.e. constant learning. As a Böhringer, I’m definitely involved with the Bengelschiessers during Carnival. Although people knew about the festival in Bonn, there were important exams at this time of the year, so I had to use even the breaks that appeared in Narnspiegel to study for important exams. My bank gives me a bit more flexibility with working hours patterns, but on the other hand, with all the changes in finances, there are a lot of tasks at the moment that I can’t do and don’t want to put off. I can learn an incredible amount during this time. It is also very fulfilling.

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