December 4, 2023

Is there a German version of 2024: Love Island: All Stars on British TV?

Sylvie Mays is the host of “Love Island”. Photo: RTLZWEI/Magdalena Possert

ITV is producing a version of “Love Island: All Stars” for Great Britain. Will a dating app launch soon in this country?

In Great Britain, fans of the dating show can look forward to “Love Island: All Stars.” A “Love Island” spin-off will be produced in South Africa, it has just been announced. In the spin-off, contestants from previous seasons return to the villa, where they have a second chance to find love. Could this become a model for a German “All Stars” version? Probably not at the moment. When asked by RTLzwei news agency, there are no “current” plans for the “All Stars” season.

The main focus at the moment is the 8th season of “Love Island”, which starts on September 11 on RTLzwei, according to the broadcaster’s statement. What happens next for “Love Island” will be announced in due course.

Sylvie Mays and Oli B. They conduct the program

The German version of the dating reality show is hosted by Sylvie Meiss (45), who will be joined in new episodes by singer and presenter Oli B. (45) supports. In the current season, “Islanders” are based in a villa in Greece, where single women and men search for their dream partners. Potential couples should get to know each other well in the villa. The winning couple of the show will eventually be awarded 50,000 euros.

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The British celebrate it with an “All Stars” version

This form originally came from Great Britain. They are now celebrating the success of the dating show in the “All Stars” edition. Broadcaster ITV2 said: “After ten ratings-busting seasons of Love Island on ITV2, we are delighted to be celebrating a decade as the first dating show on television with the first series of Love Island: All Stars.” According to British media reports, the “All Stars” season is scheduled to air in early 2024.