December 11, 2023

Nick All-Star Brawl finds its audience in the Super Smash Bros. scene.

Nick All-Star Brawl finds its audience in the Super Smash Bros. scene.

SpongeBob character Patrick Star holds a mug over his head.

Cup or not, that doesn’t sound good to you, Patrick.
screenshot: Nickelodeon / GameMill Entertainment / Ludosity

Nickelodeon All Star Brawl He only came out yesterday, but that didn’t stop Super Smash Bros.. Players can rip the game for any part that can give them an advantage in platform combat.

The time right after starting a fighting game is always a special time, especially in the competitive society. The crazy rush to discover all that each new version has to offer before the tournaments start is definitely one of the most fun to enjoy in a fighting game. I would forgo something like a site on the main Evo platform if it means that the feeling of collective searching and sharing information can last forever.

With that little saccharin nonsense out of the way, here are a few that stand out too Smashing Share the players Nickelodeon All Star Brawl since its publication.

Guys, would you believe me if I said we already have, not one, not two, but many of level lists? Well we do it, courtesy Super Smash Bros. gods like Juan “Hungrybox” DebiedmaAnd Adam “Armada” LindgrenAnd Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, And William “Levine” Hilti.

It’s a bit silly to arrange though Nickelodeon All Star BrawlListed early on (a fact many of the people mentioned above have pointed out), these videos provide an early-stage insight into what top gamers are looking for in a high-profile platform fighting game character. It should also be fun to come back in a couple of months and see how those first day reactions build up as the game develops.

Catdog ranks first in all of these lists thanks to his great offensive combos, but everyone has a different opinion on who is the strongest character in the game. Leffen’s video, for example, offers Sandy Cheeks thanks to its infinite set, but others (created before the infinite was discovered) put it on for characters like Aang, Danny Phantom, and April O’Neil.

However, everyone agrees on one thing: Patrick Starr is the absolute deepest.

“Patrick, I’m sorry, you just felt like the worst character,” Armada explained, placing the poor stupid starfish into a D level without hesitation. “He doesn’t seem to have anything crazy at all. He’s really slow and seems to take the worst penalties of the match. I don’t know. Usually that’s a bad sign: think slow and bad penalties.” [Patrick] You will fight. “

But far from just talking about it Nickelodeon All Star Brawl, The Smashing The community is also working hard to produce footage from the early cross-country fighting game competition. Smash University recently uploaded two adorable collections that stand out from the top Super Smash Bros. The Ultimate Game Players like Eric “ESAM” Lew and James “VoiD” Makekau-Tyson.

Nickelodeon All Star Brawl It may not be ideal for a casual crowd – the lack of audio feedback continues to be a persistent sticking point today – but players on the field are clearly enjoying this oddball podium fighter. And as we all know, the competitive community will put up with a lot of bullshit for their favorite games.

He is Nickelodeon All Star Brawl Good enough to ignore your mistakes? It remains to be seen, but it sure is fun to watch Smashing Professionals recognize it in these early days.

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