New Study: Beware, French Fries Lovers — French Fries Can Lead to Depression

New study

Attention french fries lovers – french fries can lead to depression

Those who like fried food may need to reconsider their consumption in the future. Researchers from China found that fried foods can affect mental health.


No more french fries? Researchers from Hangzhou, China found that fried potatoes can promote depression.

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  • Fried foods like potatoes are said to have a negative impact on mental health.

  • This is what a study conducted by researchers from China showed.

  • Frequent consumption increases the risk of depression by seven percent.

  • In the case of anxiety disorders, this figure is twelve percent.

Anyone who loves to treat themselves to a portion of french fries or chicken nuggets at their favorite snack bar needs to hold on tight for now. A new study declares that such fried foods depression and anxiety You may prefer. This is the conclusion reached by Chinese researchers from Hangzhou University.

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The team analyzed consumption of fried foods in relation to mental illness. Eating french fries in particular increases the risk of depression by seven percent. In the case of anxiety, the risk increases by twelve percent. White meat like chicken is less dangerous compared to french fries.

The culprit chemical is acrylamide

It has long been clear that French fries and the like are not among the healthiest foods, because they are high in fat and calories and thus the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. It increases other health problems. Hot foods like French fries also release the chemical acrylamide, which is considered a carcinogen.

It is now said that this substance is responsible for the fact of promoting such mental illnesses. In a side study, researchers exposed zebrafish to acrylamide in a test. The fish then showed behaviors similar to anxiety and depression, which impaired their ability to explore and socialize.

Nutrition affects mental health.

Of the more than 100,000 people who took part in the study over a ten-year period, male or young male consumers stood out in particular. On average, these showed greater risks. “The study highlights another argument for reducing consumption of fried foods,” says the PNAS Journal, where the study was published.

This is how healthy French fries are made

If you still don’t want to do without french fries, you can still make the popular dish virtually fat-free. An air fryer, for example, is suitable for crispy French fries. The hot air fryer gently cooks the fries and other foods in the basket. It only takes a few sprays of oil. Anyone who does not have such a device at home may also need an oven.

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But be warned: don’t buy pre-frozen French fries, but it’s best to cut fresh potatoes into wedges yourself, season and add them.

Nutritional advice experts emphasize that a varied diet is important for health, and therefore should not be dispensed with: “Once a week is fine, provided that the diet is not piled up with other foods rich in fat and fried,” says Ruth Ellenberger of the Nutrition Center Zurich.

The study could not conclusively justify whether the reason could also be explained by the fact that people with mental health issues tend to eat junk food rather than fried foods: “Anyone who eats French fries every day probably already has a sedentary lifestyle.” Healthy from the start can affect the psyche, ”says the nutritionist.

Meanwhile, hospital stay rates for depression continue to rise. Since 2020 it will Women in particular are increasingly being hospitalized for mental illness.

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