New Sanctions: The British Government prevents the sale of Aeroflot & Co. in certain time periods.

Aeroflot, Russia and Ural Airlines are no longer allowed to fly to London, but valuable time slots remain there. The UK government has now taken action to prevent the sale.

The slots are valuable. However, usually one does not know exactly how much it is worth. Because the take-off and landing slots are not freely tradable in most European countries. It is different in the UK. Slot machines are regularly bought and sold in the British Isles.

And the prices are awesome. For example, Wizz Air bought 15 pairs of hatches in London Gatwick from Norway last December. The low-cost airline paid an estimated €32-43 million for this. In the spring of 2020, Air New Zealand sold its pair of slots at London Heathrow Airport for 25 million as it suspended flights to the British capital. Even Kenya Airways collected $73 million for slots in the glitzy morning hours in 2016.

“Barbarian attack on Ukraine”.

It is for this reason that Russian airlines also occupy a small treasure. Aeroflot, Russia and Ural Airlines are no longer allowed to fly to London due to Western sanctions. But they still have slots at London’s Gatwick and Heathrow airports. It is worth about 58 million euros, according to British government estimates.

Ural Airlines Airbus A321. Photo: aeroTELEGRAPH

The British government moved on Thursday (May 19) to prevent the three Russian airlines from selling their British fare slots. As part of a new round of sanctions, it also imposed a ban on the sale of time slots. Aeroflot, Russia and Ural airlines are also no longer allowed to sell other assets in the UK.

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“Barbarian attack on Ukraine”.

“As long as Putin continues his barbaric attack on Ukraine, we will continue to target the Russian economy,” Secretary of State Liz Truss said. “Today we guarantee that Russian airlines can no longer sell their profitable slots at our airports.”

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