May 18, 2024

Wolfgang Jobe “should have apologized first”

In an interview, Wolfgang Jobe revealed how his opinion of Heidi Klum has changed.Photo: dpa / Henning Kaiser


Vera Siebnish

Heidi Klum counts in Germany and the United State for adults stars. But in her homeland, she was often allowed to listen to harsh criticism. The charge: As a model, she was not successful enough internationally. Wolfgang Jobe was also one of her critics. Now he publicly apologizes to Heidi – and finds words of praise for her.

The designer and model have worked together before. In season 9 and 10 of Germany’s Next Top Model he was part of the judging panel, after which he returned to the show as a guest judge.

Perhaps the collaboration has its own Opinion Heidi changed. Because it wasn’t a positive thing, especially in the beginning, says the designer interview with the “Berlin newspaper” to me.

Heidi Klum: A devastating verdict from a colleague

Jupp’s teammate Karl Lagerfeld was over Heidi Klum He once said the famous line: “He never existed Paris. We don’t know them. Job admits he has a similar opinion of Heidi. “I already hit Karl Lagerfeld on the horn, according to the motto: she’s not a supermodel, we’ve never seen her in Paris,” he explains in an interview.

When they met for the first time, a strange situation arose. Joop reveals:

“The first time we met, I had to apologize.”

But over time, his opinion of Heidi has changed a lot, probably because he now knows her better. “You have to understand: Heidi Klum does not stand for fashion, but for entertainment. She built a huge career in the United States with strict discipline, and therefore she is our only German star,” Heidi praises today. So none of the reservations he had about her at first was left.

Wolfgang Joop has “absolute respect” for Heidi Klum

exactly the contrary. The designer really indulges in ecstasy when he talks about Heidi. “Not many people can do that,” he says of their success in the US. “I deeply respect that lifetime achievement.”

A nice compliment shortly after Christmas, which should also make Heidi very happy. It is not yet known if she will bring him back to the board as a juror in the next season of Germany’s Next Top Model.