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Untersee Nachrichten - Update to Joseph's story

Untersee Nachrichten – Update to Joseph’s story

05/25/2022 00:00

The play “Joe” to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Ergaten-Talbach School

Over the course of three days, from 23-25 ​​June 2022, Ergaten-Talbach School will celebrate the centenary of the school building together with 120 students, parents, alumni and residents. The play “Joe” is performed. Registration is required for public performance on Saturday (see box).

women’s field 120 Ergaten-Talbach schoolchildren celebrate their school’s centenary with theatrical performance “Joe”. Rehearsals are currently in full swing. All children participate in grades one through six. The story of Joseph rewritten by Pete Otterley, an elementary school teacher, is being carried out for young people today. The play will be shown several times at the Memorial Festival from Thursday 23 to Sunday 25 June. It takes place in the schoolyard, and the theater design distinguishes the facade with the country corridor of the school building.

Today’s story

There are many patchwork families, says Oetterli’s classmate, elementary school teacher Simone Sonderegger. The play “Joe” is about hatred and jealousy among people. Elementary teacher Beat Oetterli instructs children aloud. Joe’s story is also about dreams. The theatrical roles are performed by fifth and sixth graders. The Flock of Dreams, dressed in white, consists of students in the third and fourth grades of primary school. Younger children cheerfully sing songs in the choir. And of course the harmonious songs of “Ergaten” will be heard. Oetterli has a great deal of experience in school theater, as does fellow professor Beat Seiterle, who, as a musician, accompanies one of the twenty spectators masterfully on his violin. Everything takes a long time to sit down. “Before and after Pentecost, there’s an extra two weeks of rehearsals,” Sonderegger says.

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Since 1921, lessons have been held at the Ergaten-Talbach School. But the epidemic cannot be celebrated. Jeep Mattei, Principal of Kursdorf & Ergaten, is excited that the three-day anniversary celebration can now take place. 400 seats are available for each stage performance.

Big event for all Frauenfeld 100 years ago

Clearly, the opening of the Ergate School 100 years ago was a huge event for Frauenfeld. This describes a date.

Written by Manuela Olgiati

All Gross-Frauenfeld students, new town and old town authorities, and indeed the whole town, participated in the festivities that lasted from noon to dusk on the first Sunday in October.