May 18, 2024

ZDF apologizes for the embarrassing scanning glitch

A ZDF Christmas poll backfired.Photo: dpa/Sebastien Jollnow


Jennifer Ulrich

Eid too birthday It is an important topic for most families year after year. Just in time for the festival, ZDF launched a survey across its social media channels under the following premise: What’s New Germany On the table at Christmas?

However, the result given soon caused outrage, because the announcer had misinterpreted his vote. Meanwhile, ZDF has rowed back with a job.

ZDF bothers with a survey for Christmas

From the published chart it was clear that most People Prefer “vegetarian”. The bar (representing the number of voters) behind the option was the longest. However, it has become an issue with the placements behind them.

The top ten also includes such classics as potato salad with sausages, roast goose, duck, schnitzel and turkey – all dishes are decidedly not vegetarian and which, in the sum of their supporters, are clearly superior to the “vegetarian” option.

The statistics are thus contradictory in terms, since the majority of Germans prefer meat at Christmas. Several people immediately pointed this out Social media. Also odd was the fact that all of ZDF’s vegetarian dishes were grouped together in one category and not, like meat dishes, individually rated. This further distorted the image.

ZDF ranks back after collapse

Finally, ZDF also learned about the bug and revealed itself in an Instagram post. She says:Thank you for the many pointers to our unfortunate and annoying mistake. We wrote that most of our survey respondents want to eat vegan for Christmas. But that doesn’t give the mood—as many here have correctly pointed out—of course.”

But despite the apology, criticism and sarcasm lingered in the comments. User shouts:

“Well, wow! Shortly before the end of the year, you actually still secured the award for Worst Presentation and Interpretation of a Survey in 2022!”

This user agrees, even though he describes himself as a vegan: “This is at least misleading, maybe it’s intentional?” Is his devastating conclusion. He also spoke of the “worst graphics of the year”.