Neue Oberaargauer Zeitung – Pro Kultur Olten: More communication and active participation in the board is required

05/20/2022 11:03

The General Assembly was held on May 3, 2022

The general meeting of the Pro Kultur Olten Association took place on Tuesday 3 May. A total of 16 people met at the Alte Berna. After dealing with the usual agenda items, the company was able to enjoy input from Remo Buess about Alte Berna and his work as a photographer and IPFO, followed by an aperitif.

Olten In 2021, the association implemented the Kulturplatz format for the fourth time. Since response has been low, the project will be paused in 2022 in order to resume at a later time. Moreover, in the fall of 2021, the culture system table was launched. So far, three cultural encounters have taken place, and the next one will follow in May. This growing exchange and communication between cultural actors is very enriching. The association has also been active in cultural policy last year: for example, interviews and polls about city and town council elections were conducted in early 2021 and the results were made available to voters in the form of videos and graphics. In addition, the board represented the cultural perspective in the context of the echo group and public participation in the spatial concept and made a statement.


The Executive Board also has a lot of plans for the current 2022. In addition to cultural encounters, another format was created: the Cultural Circle. The Museum of Art and APA KultA are the first to connect their visitors across genres. In addition to the political cultural commitment, the board also wants to take care of internal affairs in a timely manner. Your emerging website and specialized newsletter should help make external communication more visible and more informative and foster collaboration and communication within the cultural landscape and with Pro Kultur. In addition, at a retreat in May, the Board of Directors would like to more accurately define the focus of its work, taking into account its resources.

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As part of the agenda item for Elections and Acknowledgments, the Joint Presidency thanked Finja Basan, who has decided to leave the Board of Directors to focus on its many other projects. Unfortunately, there were no new elections this year. In this context, Sarah Witmer has drawn attention to the fact that there have recently been voices asking (loudly) how much a PKO can take care of its own interests. The board gives the following answer: Pro Kultur Olten members are always invited to help shape the association in such a way that they feel represented and everyone is welcome to participate in the board and implement their own initiatives. Those interested in working on the board are welcome to contact us at [email protected] classroom


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