New building destroyed in Bloomberg in the Black Forest

Thick holes were cut in the facade, many windows were shattered, and shrapnel and debris spread everywhere. Bloomberg’s former new building in the Black Forest (D) looks like a battlefield on Thursday morning. A few hours ago, the front and rear of the building were mercilessly abused by an excavator.

Marcus Engelbert, 27, wanted to move into a new apartment on Saturday. The old apartment in Fützen, part of Blumberg, has already been notified, the boxes are packed – everything is ready to move in. But nothing will come of it at first. “We were looking forward to it a lot. And now the house looks like this. It’s pure chaos,” Engelbert tells Blake. He just called the old owner. “We can stay there longer for a month. I don’t know what will happen next.” He is not alone. At the moment no one can enter a total of 31 apartments.

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