NBA mascot Rocky earns over 600,000 francs

“Rocky” scrapes

The NBA mascot earns over 600,000 francs, three times more than the highest-paid female basketball player

From the NHL to the NFL to the NBA: There is a lot of money to be made in American professional sports. But it is not only the players or coaches who receive a royal wage – it is also good to be an amulet.

The Denver Nuggets pay a lot for entertainment: the mascot “Rocky” earns $625,000 a year.

stone key

Brilliant stunts, artistic moves and humorous performances. They take care of all this: amulets. For years it has been indispensable as a marketing tool – especially in American sports. The fans in the stadium must warm up and put on a show.

Amulets are rather rare in Switzerland. The people under existence are mostly on a voluntary basis in this country. Very different in the United States. According to a report from the Sports Business Journal, the NBA’s “Rocky” lucky charms of the Denver Nuggets make $625,000 (about CHF615,000) a year. This corresponds to a monthly salary of 51,250 Swiss francs.

The highest-earning basketball player gets 3rd place

The exorbitant salary “Rocky”, the mountain lion, as he is called, should be justified by his artistic performance. Sometimes he throws a basket from a ten-meter ladder, sometimes he risks his life, limbs and scales on the spectator’s stands. With other teams, additional artists will be reserved for this. Things don’t always go according to plan: in 2013 he lost consciousness during an abseiling, but managed to leave the field again after a short period of care.

The second highest earning mascot is “Harry” of the Atlanta Hawks with $600,000. $400,000 will be paid to Chicago Bulls “Penny”.

For comparison: In the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA), the women’s professional basketball league, Diana Torassi was compensated as the best with $228,094. The 40-year-old American signed the Phoenix Mercury and won three championships and five Olympic gold medals. For men, Stephen Curry tops the NBA payroll. The 34-year-old Golden State Warriors earns $48,070,014 annually.

The salary of the “Rocky” amulet is a subject of controversy on social media. “I can learn to be a mascot,” US national team player Angel McGutre wrote on Twitter. You shouldn’t be the only one looking for a keyword mantra on job portals in the future.

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