December 9, 2023

Natalie Lancaster: a horse in sport and in everyday life

Natalie Lancaster: a horse in sport and in everyday life

Natalie Lancaster is a dressage contestant who will represent the UAE at the Asian Games in September 2022. Originally from the UK, she discovered her love for horses at a young age thanks to her dressage grandmother.

“Once you make that contact with the horse, it stays with you,” Lancaster says. However, over the years she focused more on her education, and dressage remained a hobby. In 2010 I moved to Dubai.

Back to dressage

“I couldn’t look at horses on TV without feeling a thing. In 2014, I got my first horse, a racehorse, in grateful Dubai,” she told Euronews. She met her husband, who won a silver medal in showjumping for the UAE at the 2010 Asian Games. “Although we have the same passion, we work in different disciplines, so we can enjoy the environment and the journey together without competing with each other,” she said. .

Overcome daily life challenges with the power of horses

Lancaster made great sporting strides with her horses Ally and Viva. “I developed horses and trained myself. Then my husband was diagnosed with leukemia,” says the rider.

In times of uncertainty and anxiety, with the help of her horses she finds the calm she needs to deal with daily challenges alongside her husband. “At that point, I really appreciated the relationship I had with the horses. They communicate with me and keep me grounded,” she explained.

Team member for the 2022 Asian Games

After treatment with her husband Rashid worked well, Lancaster returned to competing with her horses Echo and Forest Dance DXB, earning a place on the Emirates team for the 2022 Asian Games.

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“I am very honored and proud to call Dubai my home. I am proud to be a part of developing the local dressage scene and I hope to achieve something and make everyone proud,” said Lancaster.