December 4, 2023

More sports news – Swiss record holder Ponti – World Champion of the 24 Hours of Pulver – Sports

More sports news – Swiss record holder Ponti – Pulver 24 Hours World Champion – Sports – SRF

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He gets the victory and the Swiss record

Noy Ponte.

Keystone/Patrick B. Kramer/Archive

Swimming: Ponty improves Desplanche’s Swiss record

Noe Ponti impressed at the Bolzano meet with a Swiss record in the 100m individual medley. The Ticino native finished the 25-meter dash after 52.49 seconds. Ponty inflicted a double defeat on Jeremy DeBlanche. On the one hand, in his victory he beat the Romanian who came third in this race, and on the other hand, he snatched the 2017 Swiss record from Deplanche by 34 hundredths. Ponte, who will miss the World Swimming Championships next February, also swam to victory in the 50m dolphin race in South Tyrol.

Bike: Pulver is the world champion in the 24-hour race

Bernese cyclist Issa Pulver, The overall superior winner of the Race Across America in June this year, he has once again achieved something extraordinary in the USA. She won the gold medal at the 24 Hour World Championships in Borrego Springs, California. The physiotherapist from Ittigen covered 725 kilometers and achieved an hourly average of 30.4 kilometers per hour on the flat track. In the general classification for women and men, this was enough for sixth place.

Sport Climbing: Klingler/Ladevant to Verzasca in third

Petra Klingler and Luna Ladevant won the small final in the Red Bull Dual Ascent. The Swiss and her French climbing partner finished third on the stunning climb of the Verzasca Dam after beating Domaine Skovic/Vita Lucan. Slovenian brothers Jernig and Gulgia Kroder took the win against Alberto Ginnis Lopez/Jeniya Kazbekova.

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