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Basel achieves its first victory over Yverdon in more than three months

Basel achieves its first victory over Yverdon in more than three months

This is what the edit looks like: Drager scores Bayern’s first goal in what seems like an eternity.Image: Cornerstone

Basel are still at the bottom of the table, but they are still alive. Bayern initially had to settle for an equalizer against newly promoted Yverdon, but won thanks to a late goal. St. Gallen beat the newcomer to the league, Stade Lausanne Ouchey.

November 5, 2023, 6:35 p.mNovember 5, 2023, 7:04 pm

Basel – Yfardoun 2:1

Basel achieved its first victory in the Premier League since the end of last July. The team, coached by Fabio Celestini for the first time in the league, beat Yverdon 2-1 at home. “The team fought together. “Of course it was not a perfect match, but the effort was right,” said Bayern’s third coach this season at “Blue”.

Basel coach Fabio Celestini in the Super League regular season football championship match between FC Basel 1893 and Verdun Sport FC at St. Jakob-Park in Basel, on Sunday, 5...

Basel’s new coach Fabio Celestini has made a successful start.Image: Cornerstone

It is still too early for Basel to breathe a sigh of relief. Once again, the team showed too many shortcomings in the game to feel comfortable or very confident to overcome St. Jacob’s Park. Bayern took the three points with renewed commitment and courage to take risks. Defender Michael Lange said: “It was not a confident victory, but it was a strong and deserved performance.” “It’s nice to be able to see the happy faces on the curve again.”

Not the time for ‘fair-weather football’

After 415 minutes, full-back Mehmet Drager ended Basel’s losing streak with a goal to make it 1-0. Basel remained without goals for more than four matches. However, it was Gabriel Sigua who achieved his first victory since the end of last July with his goal in the 85th minute.

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Bayern veteran Fabian Frei said: “Maybe our style of play is not attractive at the moment, but perhaps the fans would prefer to go home with a 2-1 win. If it were possible with ‘fair-weather football’, I would gladly accept it. But this is not the time.” appropriate for that.”

Yverdon equalized from a penalty kick a quarter of an hour before the end. “There was a certain amount of uncertainty again, but in the end we found the answer and were able to score the winning goal,” Lang said.

Fabian Frey did not want to praise Fabio Celestini despite winning two matches. “This would be unfair to my previous predecessors, and we haven’t done much differently,” said a Torgau resident. “But with his words, direct style and multilingualism he is received very well. “Things are going well so far, but there is no need to exaggerate, it is not good yet.”

Basel – Yverdon 2:1 (1:0)
19,813 spectators. – S. R. Schneider.
Portals: 26. Drager (Demir) 1:0. 73. Cespedes (penalty kick) 1:1. 85. SEGOA (PARI) 2:1.
Basil: heat; Drager (56. Lange), Frey, Van Bremen, Schmid; Demir (Z78), Xhaka (63 Abdullah), Renato Vega, Cade; Augustine (Sigua No. 56); Jovanovic (78. Bari).
Yverdon: martin; Malula (87. Klipak), Del Fabbro, Tijani; Sautier, Cespedes (82 Lucena), Liziero (87 Guet), Le Beaugham; Tasar (82. Losev), Kevin Carlos, Maureen (65. Mauro Rodriguez).
comments: Warnings: Drager II, 14 Van Bremen, 24 Del Fabro, 45 Frey, 45 Tassar.

Lausanne Ouchey Stadium – St. Gallen 2:5

FC St. Gallen achieved its first away win in the Premier League since last February with four goals in the second half to take a 5-2 lead over hosts Lausanne-Ouchy. Between the 48th and 57th minutes, the Swiss national team scored three goals and turned the score from 1:2 to 4:2.

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St. Gallen coach Peter Zeidler spoke to Blue about the great reaction: “That speaks for our team, you have to take your hat off to that. Obviously the fact that it was 2-2 so early after the break helped us. This victory can give us “A boost. It’s up to us whether we take advantage of it.”

After Chadrak Akolo’s 1-0 win, St. Gallen played very passively and Lausanne took advantage with two goals scored by Liridon Molage. Zeidler found the right words in the dressing room because St. Gallen returned to the pitch with a lot of energy. Isaac Schmidt made it 2-2 with a wonderful goal in the 48th minute.

This was followed by two more goals for St. Gallen in the 57th minute thanks to a Willem Gebels penalty and an own goal by Lavdrem Hajruolaho. The final point was 20-year-old Albin Krasniqi’s first goal in the Premier League.

Saint-Galois striker Albin Krasniqi, was truly a son but cheers on the fans after they started the 2:5 mark, during the Super League football encounter between FC Stade Lausanne...

ESPN fans had no regrets about their cross-country trip.Image: Cornerstone

Stade Lausanne-Ouchy – St. Gallen 2:5 (2:1)
S. R. Sibelli.
Portals: 17. Akolo 0: 1. 35. Molag (Gary) 1: 1. 42. Molag (Ajdini) 2: 1. 48. Schmidt (Thomas) 2: 2. 54. Jablas (penalty kick) 2: 3. 57. Stone of God (Own goal) 2:4. 85. Krasniki (Thomas) 2:5.
Lausanne Ouchey Stadium: Da Silva; Gassama (Camara 58), Kadima, Hajroulaho, and Ouedraogo (Howler 64); Gray, Akechi, Bayard (Essam No. 78); Garcia (64 Al-Gharbi), Ajdini (78 Haji), Molag.
St. Gallen: Ziggy. Zanotti, Stanic, Falchi, Schmidt; Carlin (84 Vaslighi), Stefanović, Toma (86 Van der Vene); Von Moss (70 Krasniki), Goebbels (70 Müller), Akolo (70 Mpembe).
comments: 94. Red card against Haji (serious foul). Warnings: 11. Qari, 12. Gassama, 22. Ouedraogo, 66. Akeche, 90. Schmidt.

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Lucerne – GC 2:0



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