June 17, 2024

Andre Raggettli's eventful week

Andre Raggettli’s eventful week

Andrey Raggettli on Tour, Episode 10: Euphoria and Shock

What an eventful week for Andrey Raggettli at the World Championships in Aspen: with an impressive third inning, he won the gold medal at the World Championships in downhill style. The great jubilation was followed by a shock only 72 hours later. Raggley’s season ended prematurely.


A severe diagnosis is now available: Andre Raggettli tore the cruciate and inner ligament in his left knee when he fell in the Aspen World Cup in the USA. Bündner had an operation in St. Moritz this afternoon. Fortunately, the Olympic season is not in danger.

What a week for Andrey Raggettli at the World Championships for freestyle in Aspen: with an exceptional race Won the gold medal in oblique style. Salvation was followed by a relapse after only 72 hours. Raggilli seriously injured his knee in the major air competition – the season ended prematurely.

The diagnosis is devastating: tearing of the cruciate and medial ligament in the left knee. The Graubünden freestyle star was put on hold at the Gut Clinic in St. Moritz this afternoon. Fortunately, the upcoming Olympic season is not in danger for Ragitli. The world champion in downhill style should be able to start training again in time for the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.

Distinguished jumps and gold in the World Cup ramps

In the tenth episode of “Andri Ragettli on Tour”)“Blue Zoom”, March 19, 10:30 pm.), The 22-year-old, gives viewers insight into his tumultuous adventure in the US (see video above). From flight to training to his outstanding cliffside jumps.

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“We did it completely. World Cup Gold! “You can’t even imagine how much work was behind it and what the big goal for me was,” says cheerfully after his coup. He’s still totally unbelievable, especially since morning workouts weren’t so good. “But I knew I would find a solution. After the first round, I knew I could do that. “

Gold Race: Here Ragettli guarantees the world title

With a little sun on his back and a little improved visibility, Andre Raggettli arrived from Graubünden for the third time after Slopestyle World Cup gold – and the jury rewarded him for his boldness.


He had previously discussed it with his coach. “First show a safe path, then attack completely and search for gold.” This tactic worked, because after a strong second string, gold was within reach. “I was really nervous in the third round, but I had a very good feeling. I knew: If I did a hard trick on the second train, I could become a world champion – it was perfect from top to bottom.”

The devastating fall in the great air competition

With the beauty of triumph, the experience Raghetli must go through only 72 hours after his coup was just as painful. “Complete focus on the big air,” he said on the day of his winning the world champion in an oblique style. In third place in the qualifiers, it reached the final, where the big fall took place on Wednesday.

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Raggilli cannot leave the Finish Zone alone. “It is not going well at all. “My knee has never been this stable in my life,” said a depressed Graubünden man shortly after the fall. Then the fears are realized during a preliminary examination in the hospital: Ragitli has a serious knee injury and has to finish the season.

Track your return trip to Switzerland. Andre Raggettli has been at the Clinic Goethe in St. Moritz since Thursday, having undergone surgery on Friday afternoon. It seems that the Olympic season 2021/202 is not in danger. With the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing approaching, the world champion should be able to snowboard again in time next February.

The floor is the obstacle course of lava! Next stage *

Swiss skater Andre Raggettli loves to challenge himself. It’s now exciting with his latest video “Lava Obstacle Course”, which was recorded in an auditorium at Engelberg Sports School. The attempt succeeded 148.