July 17, 2024

Mercedes-Benz is testing ChatGPT in production

Mercedes-Benz is testing ChatGPT in production

Head of language education provider Babbel: ‘Maybe we’ll build our own language model’

Berlin-based language education provider Babbel has struggled after the short-lived cancellation of its multi-billion-dollar initial public offering in the fall. “This is even more growth than during the pandemic,” company president Arne Schebeker said in an interview with Handelsblatt newspaper that sales increased by 31 percent to 250 million euros last year.

Babbel is taking advantage of the economic crisis as more people want to arm and educate themselves, and also from the hype surrounding artificial intelligence surrounding ChatGPT, which is causing more interest in the English language.

Over the years, Babbel has invested several million euros to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) more closely into its own offerings. For example, it is possible that avatars can help and motivate them during training. “We will certainly soon release the corresponding features,” Schepker announced. AI based speech recognition will also be added soon.

Schepker left open whether Babbel wanted to use an existing language model such as ChatGPT. “Maybe we will also build our own language model.” A similar approach was taken when developing speech recognition.

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