Man kills his boss safely from a distance at Elden Ring

player was in elden ring Big problems with the optional end coach Nial. So he got a fantasy and untied his bow and arrow. This tactic is safe, but time-consuming. MeinMMO shows you exactly what happened.

What is this boss? Commander Niall is waiting for you in one of the endgame zones, far to the north. It is on top of Giants Mountain in Seoul Castle.

Recently, this manager had already been a problem when he was his sprinter Bare and flat at level 1 using a weak item. Aside from these advanced players, there are enough ambitious Elden Lords and Princesses to actually have issues with him.

Therefore, the user H3NRY-56 was creative and became an automatic sniper. He simply killed Nial from a distance with a bow and arrow. He calls this method “finished cheese”.

However, that took a while, he wrote in the Elden Ring subreddit. Here is the clip:

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458 darts and 20 minutes – then Niall succumbed to the cowardice tactic

Here’s how the player did it: H3NRY-56 chose a location outside the President’s room to target the President from.

For this he discovered a small window in the castle wall. So he is able to bring down the boss with arrows from a comfortable distance. As he says, it took a good 20 minutes and 458 shares.

How can this work?

  • The boss’s AI only reacts once players enter the boss’ room.
  • So if you attack from the outside, the boss will not register any attacks.
  • So the doll remains defenseless.

The player benefits from this. In addition, a lot of patience and a large amount of stock are required.

How do the players react: The clip garnered a lot of attention on the subreddit, garnering over 31,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments. Many commentators are puzzled that H3NRY-56 did not develop its bow, nor did it use arrows for poison or mold.

It would have made him much faster. The user does not give a correct answer to this, it is possible that he came up with the tactic spontaneously and did not take any special actions. He claims that he used all his arrows until he had to switch to a crossbow in the end.

Otherwise, many are amused by the tactics and get too nostalgic. Because such tactics have a tradition in FromSoftware games.

For example, there is the latest DLC boss for Dark Souls 1, Manus. Here, too, the boss can simply be dropped from outside the boss’ room:

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Also, according to the comments, Niall isn’t the only Elden Ring boss who has succeeded. They share their own experiences and encounters with superiors who are having problems with themselves.

Some doubt that these tactics may soon be rectified. However, many veterans suspect FromSoftware eliminates these opportunities. The Manus Cheese shown above has been adopted into the Dark Souls 1 remaster.

Usually only a few particularly dangerous exploits are fixed by developers, while such methods are ignored or perhaps even deliberately tolerated.

FromSoftware may want to leave these tactics on so players can find their own way. Since the developer usually does not comment on this, one can only speculate about the motives.

What do you think of such methods? Have you ever done something similar or discovered other tricks? Please write to us about your experiences.

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