April 21, 2024

Maintain Bowel Health – Avoid These Foods!

Good overall health can only be expected when the intestines are healthy. It is no longer a secret that gut health is critically important. But just pay attention to the food, one Building healthy intestinal flora not enough. Because there are also foods that should be avoided as much as possible, as they have the exact opposite effect: they kill healthy gut bacteria.

Healthy gut, healthy people – how our gut keeps us healthy

The normal and good intestinal flora, along with immune cells, are crucial for defense against viruses, bacteria and fungi. If the gut is healthy, it can also communicate with the brain through nerves and hormones – an important function that helps promote and maintain overall health and well-being. We ourselves contribute to healthy intestinal flora by consuming the right foods – products containing probiotics, but also foods rich in fiber are essential for this purpose. But many do not consider this, as some products are beneficial, and others eliminate the good bacteria. Dr. Michael Mosley and Dr. Kirsten Berding Harold from University Hospital Cork. “There are many unhealthy foods that we know of in addition to processed foods, high-fat foods, fried foods, and high-sugar foods,” explains Dr. Bering Harold, everyone we love very much.

Foods that harm healthy bacteria

If the gut is healthy, it boosts overall health as well

For this reason, experts also advise reducing or even avoiding the amount of processed foods that are high in sugar and fat so that your gut can stay healthy. Instead, eat more plant-based foods and those containing lean protein. Also avoid:

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Soft drinks

Zwei Dinge stören die gesunde Darmflora: die Kohlensäure kann zu Blähungen und vermehrtem Aufstoßen führen, während künstliche Süßstoffe wie Saccharin und Sucralose, die in einigen Diät-Limer weren und Verwenden Einigen Diätter Geussen und Verwen to have.

Saturated fat

The saturated fatty acids found in butter, fatty meats, and cheese, among other things, can also affect the diversity of intestinal bacteria. So if you want to maintain gut health, reduce consumption and use products that contain healthy fats.

Avoid red meat, soft drinks and saturated fats

Red meat

Studies have shown that a compound known as carnitine found in red meat mixes with gut bacteria. Trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) is formed in this process. In turn, in higher amounts, this increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and is associated with premature death.