June 21, 2024

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake - Earth shakes in Taiwan: at least one dead - News

Magnitude 6.8 earthquake – Earth shakes in Taiwan: at least one dead – News

  • A 6.8-magnitude earthquake destroyed dozens of homes and damaged bridges in Taiwan on Sunday.
  • The Taiwan Meteorological Agency said the two quakes hit the sparsely populated southeastern part of the island.
  • Rail traffic was temporarily suspended and a train derailed.

Media reported that several people were trapped when a three-story supermarket collapsed in eastern Hualien County. Some responded to calls from emergency services. Four people were injured and taken to hospital.


Firefighters work to rescue people trapped in a collapsed building in Hualien County.

Central Earthquake Emergency Operations Center via Reuters

A crisis center in Taipei said on Sunday that a cement factory worker died when he was hit by a falling filter dust. According to the authorities, six train cars derailed in the east of the country and about 20 passengers were taken to safety. They were unharmed.

With three injured when their car fell off a damaged bridge, according to firefighters, the island nation appears to have come off slightly compared to the earthquake that killed more than 100 six years ago. Rescue workers also managed to reach more than 600 people trapped in a mountainous area due to buried roads.

Buildings swayed briefly in the capital, Taipei, and several aftershocks were felt. Lifts stopped in tall buildings. According to the operators, the largest chip factories in the cities of Tainan and Kaohsiung were not affected.

Tsunami warning lifted

The US seismological apparatus detected tremors of magnitude 7.2, and the US Tsunami Warning Center at the same time issued a tsunami warning for Taiwan. The Japanese authorities quickly canceled their tsunami warning in parts of Okinawa Prefecture, located between Taiwan and the main Japanese islands further away.

The earthquake occurred at a depth of only seven kilometers, which made it more intense. This is the second earthquake in two days. A 6.4-magnitude earthquake hit Taiwan on Saturday. This was followed by several aftershocks. The island is particularly vulnerable to earthquakes.

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