Glacier Gate. Lost mountain runners have been found on the Swiss border in the Aosta Valley.

Mountain runners in an intense race. (theme picture)

Corner stone

Eight runners were reported missing from a mountain in Italy’s Aosta Valley after bad weather conditions. People have been found ever since. The mountain runner had to go to the hospital.

In Italy’s Aosta Valley near the Swiss border, eight participants in a mountain race reported missing were taken to safety on Saturday. A person had to be taken to hospital in Aosta due to exhaustion and mild hypothermia.

Seven participants of the “Tor des Glaciers”, a maximum mountain stretching 450 kilometers and more than 32,000 meters in height, were in good health. “We kept in touch with them all night,” said race director Alessandra Nicoletti.

The Italian news agency had reported earlier that the weather conditions deteriorated sharply on Saturday night, and there were strong winds and snowstorms in the area, and eight mountain runners were missing.

The tracing center was concentrated in the area around the Col de Barrasson, at an altitude of about 2,600 metres, near the Swiss border. Rescue units searched for the missing all night. In addition to the race organizers, the Aosta Valley Mountain Rescue Service, the Alpine Rescue Service, the Valley Fire Brigade and the Forest Service also participated in the operations.

A civil defense helicopter was unable to reach the area due to poor visibility, ANSA news agency reported. So he brought rescuers to the line of mist, who then continued to search overland.


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