June 17, 2024

Food goes from those waiting in London to those in need

Food goes from those waiting in London to those in need

In front of Westminster Hall, where the Queen lay, mourners had to deliver their food. Hundreds of kilograms of food were collected for those in need.


The basics in brief

  • Mourners had to hand over their groceries in front of Westminster Hall.
  • These hundreds of kilograms of food are now going to those in need.
  • Some mourners wait up to 24 hours to see the queen’s coffin.

Many people who have been placed Queen Elizabeth The second is in London made a recent visit They did a good deed in one way or another on the side. Because it is forbidden to eat and drink in the Westminster Hall of the British Parliament, where the coffin is, They had to deliver groceries in advanceaccording to the British news agency PA.

The Charitable Society “Felix Project” received hundreds of kilograms of food, especially snacks such as chips, chocolate and cookies. All non-perishable and unopened packages will be kept and then distributed to community groups in the British capital.

The charity’s CEO, Charlotte Hill, said: “This grocery is a unique donation that will help hundreds of people who can’t afford food. We support thousands of organizations that help large numbers of people.” She added that blankets were also accepted.

Those who are waiting will take plenty of food and drink with them, because they have arrived at 24 hours In a line up to eight kilometers long You should have waited. Mourners have until Monday morning to give their last regards to the Queen.

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