December 4, 2023

Luca Schwarzbauer: The decision on the fight to win the World Cup on the short track has been postponed – Cycling – Nürtinger Zeitung



Mountain Bike: Luca Schwarzbauer took third place at the Short Track World Cup in Snowshoe, USA. Just a few points missing from the overall victory.

Mountain biker from Rudern Luca Schwarzbauer missed a chance on Friday evening (local time) to secure the overall World Cup victory in the short track at the US Ski Resort Snowshoe (West Virginia). He reached the podium again in third place, and thus it can be said that he was on the podium in all seven races. But his main rival for the title in the short races on Friday evening, Frenchman Jordan Saro, was unable to get rid of him throughout the entire race for a good 20 minutes and managed…

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