June 14, 2024

Loss to Canada: A precise thing

Loss to Canada: A precise thing

After one point and one goal from two games, confidence is low among DFB women. The precision issue emerged as the biggest drawback for some players.

National coach Martina Vos-Teklenberg is at a slight loss.
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The national coach was at a slight loss. After losing 1-0 to Canada on Sunday night, Martina Vos-Teklenberg said, “We lost, I’m not sure why. This is the DFB team’s second game in the Arnold Clarke Cup. , A goal – a record that does not cause any happiness.

The problem of accuracy

But at least on Sunday it should have been clear why the German team could not be persuaded against the Olympic champions from abroad. “We have no accuracy,” said Paris Saint-Germain midfielder Sarah Topritz, summarizing the biggest flaw in the German game. This too should not escape the national coach. “The exact title has been on our minds for a long time,” said Jyoti Satsialexio, DFB’s national team sports director.

Numerous bad passes and coordination issues again and again ruined the sometimes decent efforts against Canada. And due to the resurgence of the staff playing Vos-Teklenberg. An action that is ineffective. But the national coach initially wanted to easily pick the best players on his team, who were not available after 14 cancellations. The reason may stand in the way of victory, because “the wind is a little hard in this match,” says Saatchialexio.

At the European Championships, it’s about how we can deal with stress.

It became clear on Sunday that not all players on the current squad should expect a nomination for the European Championship in July. “We have a lot of good young players,” says Chatzialexiou. But: “It depends on how we can cope with the pressure at the European Championships.” In this sense it is important to get back to the “key players” like Alexandra Bob, Marina Hejering, Svenza Hood or Desinifer Mroson.

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The Spaniards are “the most complete team in the world”

The first European Championship team match against Denmark on July 8 should already be spectacular. After that the Spanish players are waiting for the German team again. As Vos-Teklenberg puts it “the most complete team in the world”. “They have a different silence on the ball,” Satchialexio recorded.

For now, however, the host is in the game schedule against England. On Wednesday (8.30pm) the German team meets the country hosting the Arnold Clarke Cup. Eintracht Frankfurt striker Nicole Anyomi said, “We have to focus from the first minute so we will not be exaggerated. If we want to win against England, we can not allow too many bad passes.”