July 14, 2024

Day: Sri Lanka sends tons of garbage back to the UK

Day: Sri Lanka sends tons of garbage back to the UK

Sri Lanka sends tons of garbage back to Britain

Halfway around the world and back again: 263 containers of garbage from Great Britain. (Theme image)

(Photo: dpa)

Unable to deliver, returned to sender – about what happened to 3,000 tons of garbage from the UK. A British company has shipped more than 260 containers to the South Asian island nation between 2017 and 2019. Really want to According to the proclamation, cushions and rugs were used for recycling A customs official in Colombo told reporters to stay in it. But even sealed foreign containers gave off an unpleasant odor. When customs officials opened them, they saw the reason for it. Medical waste including materials from mortuaries. This is disgusting!

It does not seem like it’s very recyclable, it really is. Therefore, in 2020 the court ordered Withdrawal of all containers At. The last of them were sent back today. According to officials, it is not yet clear why the company first sent the misrepresented waste to Sri Lanka. The The country imports mattresses, paper and plasticTo recycle clothes. Environmental groups have called on their government to prevent large quantities of waste from entering and entering the country instead of being recycled.

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