July 15, 2024

Lords of the Fallen: developers explain basic system requirements

Lords of the Fallen: developers explain basic system requirements

from Valentine Sattler
In an interview, two Lords of the Fallen developers talked about the Souls-like system requirements. So you can try to go below this, but then you need to be ready for significant cuts in your gaming experience.

Lords of the Fallen, the sequel to the 2014 Souls-like game of the same name, is set to be released on October 13. Of course, there’s also a distinctly polished look, which is reflected in the significantly higher system requirements. While you can still play the original game with a Core 2 Quad and a Geforce GTX 460, the developers are now calling the Intel Core i5 8400 / Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1060 / RX 590 new minimum hardware.

Less is not recommended

In an interview with Eurogamer, two of the developers, Executive Producer Saul Gascon and Creative Director Cezar Virtosu, talked about the topic and gave some background information about the system requirements. For gamers with weaker PCs, there’s obviously still some leeway, but that’s at the cost of the gaming experience. Accordingly, it was important for the game to still look good with hardware mentioned as slim and run smoothly at 720p.

“Essentially, our minimum requirements are also a statement about our minimum quality standards.”

“Fluid” doesn’t mean 60fps – instead, the minimum hardware should only be enough for 30fps. However, in the developer’s tests, it is clear that not all graphics functions have been reduced to a minimum. So gamers can try to run Lords of the Fallen on a weaker graphics card. However, according to the developers, you should be prepared for the fact that you probably won’t have a good gaming experience.

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In line with this theme: Lords of the Fallen: Souls-like with Unreal Engine 5 system requirements

Regarding the console version of Lords of the Fallen, it was also announced that there should be a performance mode at 60fps and a quality mode at 30fps. Apparently, these are quite similar visually, so it’s hard to tell them apart in some scenes. If this is indeed the case, many gamers will probably prefer Performance mode to enjoy lower latency and a smoother frame rate.

Source: via Eurogamer