February 22, 2024

London tightens visa requirements for skilled workers

The Conservative British government wants to significantly restrict immigration and tighten visa requirements for foreign workers. From spring 2024, skilled workers will have to earn at least £38,700 (€45,150) a year instead of the previous £26,200 to be allowed to come to Great Britain. Home Secretary James Cleverley made the announcement in Parliament in London today.

The Conservative government is under great pressure, especially within its own ranks, to significantly reduce immigration. Nursing staff and students are no longer allowed to bring their relatives into the country. Mandatory healthcare fees are set to rise by two-thirds to more than £1,000.

Cleverley said his plans would lead to the biggest reduction in net migration in British history. The government expects the number of immigrants to decrease by about 300,000. Last year, a total of 745,000 migrants arrived in the UK. This was much more than before Brexit, which was supposed to end freedom of movement.

Since then, the number of people moving to Great Britain from EU countries has fallen sharply. However, the new points-based immigration system has led to a significant increase in the number of immigrants from non-EU countries.

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