After Brexit: Britain is reviewing its data protection laws

Its purpose is to simplify the transfer of data to other countries. The British government wants to encourage innovation and economic growth. The EU must check whether future rules will still allow data sharing with the UK.

Britain has plans to Change in data protection laws He announced the privacy, which the government classifies as a new program to promote innovation and economic growth. The department said a new set of “data protection respect partnerships” aims to enable the UK to boost international trade with countries and entities such as the US, Australia, Republic of Korea, Singapore, the Dubai International Financial Center and Colombia. Digital, Cultural, Media and Sports (DCMS).

According to the government, the partnerships will eliminate the need for costly data protection compliance measures when transferring personal data to other countries. In a statement, DCMS said this will be done while ensuring “high data protection standards are maintained” at the same time.

However, any changes to data transfer rules must also be considered appropriate by the EU – otherwise there is a risk that data transfers between the UK and EU will be affected. Some privacy experts have expressed concerns that the changes could be used to restore privacy to consumers introduced under the GDPR.

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