April 13, 2024

Lian Li Lancool 216: Gehäuse mit „Außenlüfter“ soll der GPU helfen

Lian Li Lancool 216: housing with an “external fan” is supposed to help the GPU

Photo: Lian Li

The Lancool 216 is a case that promises good cooling performance with big fans and all kinds of tricks like installing an external fan. The focus on the temperature of embedded components is gaining importance in 2022: With high-end graphics cards like the RTX 4090, size and clock rates depend heavily on the case.

The factory fan assembly is really unusual. Because in front there are two propellers with an atypical diameter of 160 mm, rotating between 500 and 1600 revolutions per minute. It is complemented by a 140 mm fan at the rear (200 – 1800 rpm). In the RGB version of the 216, the front fans also light up in two zones. Frame and fan hub LEDs can be controlled separately. The fans are controlled via the fan hub, which can operate a maximum of four fans.

Lianne Lee Lancol 216 (Photo: Lian Li)

Radiators can be used up to 360 mm in size. The removable bracket on the lid simplifies the assembly process. With smaller radiators or when using fewer than three fans, an unused fan housing cover should help direct air through the fins in a targeted manner.

Lancol has come up with a special trick for graphics card cooling. The fans in the power supply tunnel, which suck air through a side grille and blow it directly to the graphics card, are already familiar from other cases from the manufacturer; Installing an external fan, however, is not yet. It accommodates a 120mm fan and can be positioned behind the expansion vents to draw air from the tower through the vent arches. It doesn’t matter if the graphics card is installed horizontally or vertically.

Lianne Lee Lancol 216 (Photo: Lian Li)

In principle, Lancol is also building the 216 flexibly. When using hydrocooling, the main board can be moved down so that thicker radiators can be placed under the hood. The I/O panel can also be located either at the top of the front or at the bottom left of the side.

CPU cooler, graphics card and power supply fit without restrictions. The main board just needs a closer look: even though E-ATX is supported, the board should be no more than 280mm wide.

Dust filters become accessories

In the base, unlit version, the Lancool 216 costs around $100, and the RGB version is worth $10, which is available in white or black. Lian Li also sells accessories. The ARGB controller allows for LED control on the front panel for about $14. A PCIe 4.0 height cable for vertical installation of the graphics card and a front-end dust filter are also available as accessories. When the Lancol 216 will be available in Germany is still unknown.

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