December 10, 2023

Fans see the potential in Rainbow Six Extraction: "Don't waste this!"

Fans see the potential in Rainbow Six Extraction: “Don’t waste this!”

The new co-op shooter Rainbow Six: Extract It received many average reviews from critics. But fans see a lot of potential in PvE and hope Ubisoft will support it in the long run.

For the most part, critics don’t see anything special in Rainbow Six: Extraction. Co-op shooter lands on Metacritic im solid midfieldExuberant feelings in a positive or negative sense are rarely found in professional reviews.

However, this is exactly with Status of other shooters like Call of Duty on: Extraction doesn’t really receive any destructive criticism from the community.

The initial feedback from the players was positive, with a lot of amazement from the extraction Version without major problems King. The game also managed to collect additional points in the MeinMMO editorial team.

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The same trend can be seen on social media, particularly on the game’s subreddit: Rainbow Six: Extraction Players see a lot of potential in the co-op shooter.

“I pray to God that the game succeeds”

What do the fans say? On the co-op shooter’s subreddit, the most popular posts are positive.

  • User ADandyWaffle writes on one of the most popular sites threads: “Ubisoft, the game has more potential than most open world games. Don’t waste it.”
  • As he says: “With proper support […] Ubisoft can form a community. I pray to God that the game succeeds.”
  • Comments follow, like this Also Astral_Wish: “If the game gets a long-term support like Siege, I can very well imagine that this could become one of the best PvE games. The basics are there.”
  • turntrout101 means in one comment: “It really reminds me of the two-year fight we had to promote for Rainbow Six Siege.”
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Similar voices can also be heard in our community. MyMMO reader Phoesias said about Rainbow Six extraction:

We had a lot of fun with the game, it is very demanding, which surprised us very much, even at the second level of difficulty. […] We had some really dramatic and exciting moments where we kind of escaped at the last second.

Phoesias MeinMMO – Used in One comment

Players also react calmly to criticism that Rainbow Six Extraction is nothing special. The game may not be innovative, but they still enjoyed it. Mimi sums up this mood:

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What are the fans hoping for? Fans seem to be focusing a lot on the game getting a real exposure to the wider community. When a YouTube ACG reviewer noticed that their viewers really liked the game, one fan boasted about Subreddit: “We did it”.

That’s why fans keep stressing that the game is on Game Pass. So they hope to give key players a shot at – and then also gain positive experiences.

If you want to know if Rainbow Six mining might be your thing, we have prepared something for you. There are 10 statements in our check – if at least 7 of them apply to you, then you should definitely try the game:

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