December 2, 2023

Die 3D-Spezialisten von Leia 3D bringen ein eigenes Android-Tablet mit 3D-Effekt an den Start.

Leia presents a 3D tablet with a “light field display”

The American company Leia has launched an Android tablet with a 3D effect that works without glasses.

The 10.8-inch (approximately 27 cm) “Lume Pad” tablet computer offers a proprietary 3D display, which the manufacturer describes as “3D light field technology.”

For the 3D effect, Leia inserts a middle plane with a special nanostructure between the touch screen and the display driver, which distributes light on the screen in such a way that the 3D effect enters the screen regardless of the viewing angle. The manufacturer compares the display technology with that of augmented reality glasses such as Hololens or Magic Leap.

A self-developed nanodisc distributes the light of the LC screen in such a way that a 3D effect is created that leads to the screen. | Photo: Leah 3D

Special glasses or eye tracking are not required for the 3D effect. According to the manufacturer, 2D content is displayed without compromising on traditional screens. The Lume Pad has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels.

The Leia 3D core team came together at HP Labs, an innovation research group from HP, where it spun out in 2014. The core research on display technology was previously published in 2013 in the scientific journal Nature.

Leia screen technology has already been integrated into the red “Hydrogen One” smartphone, but it has been received at that time Instead of monetary feedback. Lume Pad received the Innovation Award at CES 2021.

Lume Pad comes with a 3D camera for your 3D recordings

What is the point of 3D rendering without 3D content? Nothing, exactly, which is why Leia not only fills its 3D app store with “LeiaPix” but also a “social network” with 3D photos and videos.

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With the built-in 16MP HDR stereo camera, users can also take their own 3D photos and videos and map their surroundings in 3D. In addition, Leia offers an app that is supposed to convert existing 2D photos and videos into 3D.

Lume Pad supports popular 3D models, such as those in Unreals 3D-Plattform Sketchfab Find. The tablet can be set up as a 3D photo frame that can be compared to I’m looking for a glass picture.

Additionally, Lume Pad comes with Mozaik’s 3D Learning App, which offers more than 1200 3D educational scenes and many educational videos, courses and games. Together with Gameloft, Leia wants to bring popular Android games like Asphalt Nitro 2 to the 3D tablet.

Lume Pad is now available for $650 In the manufacturer’s online store. The device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 128 GB memory, and eight GB main memory.

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