Scott Forrestal, former Apple Vice President, celebrates the 20th anniversary of Mac OS X on Twitter.

To love We shared it earlier todayMacOS – formerly known as Mac OS X – will turn 20 on Wednesday March 24, 2021. On this occasion, Scott Forstall decided to use his Twitter account tonight to congratulate Mac OS X.

In a post on his personal Twitter account that he does not use often, Forstall is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mac OS X and remembers when Steve Jobs decided to name the tenth version of Apple’s operating system.

“I still remember when we called you. In a small room at IL1. When Steve cut a big X on the wall and smiled. Look how far I am from Little Cheetah,” Forrestal said. The system was called Mac OS at the time, but Apple was working on an entirely new version that became Mac OS X.

Old Mac users might remember that the first versions of Mac OS X were named after the Big Cats, but that’s only because Apple called them the codename “Cheetah” for Mac OS X 10.0. After that, the company decided to use the big cat names for other versions of OS X such as Puma, Tiger and Leopard.

Scott Forrestle has worked with Steve Jobs since 1992 and joined Apple in 1997 after the company was acquired. He became Senior Vice President of Software at Apple in 2003 and was heavily involved in iPhone development in 2005. That is why Forstall is considered the “father of iOS”. In 2006, he also took the lead in developing Mac OS X.

Forstall left Apple in 2012 after a controversy over Apple Maps when the company replaced Google Maps with its own map solution that turned out to be incomplete and defective. It was replaced primarily by Craig Federighi, who continues to lead Apple’s software engineering to this day.

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