KLab announces officially licensed Touhou Project Shoot ’em for iOS and Android platforms

Shanghai’s KLab and Dobala Games develop A. Touhou Project Accidental shooting under the official license of Team Shanghai Alice Announce. It is published all over the world.

The game’s official Chinese simplified title is You are a barrage ((Danmu Huanxiang), Which can be read as Danmako Gensu In Japanese, but the title in English has yet to be determined.

Pre-registration started today in mainland China, where the game will be released by 37 Interactive Entertainment for iOS and Gave Game for Android. Official Weibo account available Here.

Here is an overview of the game via KLab:

About the game

You are a barrage (No official English title given) is a side-scrolling shooter. Players can launch a barrage of bombs to defeat enemies, build their characters, and play with various other items. This game is based on rings Touhou Project Created by Team Shanghai Alice with official content creator license.

The game story begins when peace in Gensokyo is disturbed again. A strange magical presence invades Gensokyo, puts the Yokai into a rampage and destroys everything. The girls must embark on a journey to discover the essence of this turmoil and save Ginsukyo from disaster.

One Touhou Project

The Touhou Project It’s the name of the series created by Doujin Circle Shanghai Alice and set in the fictional world of Gensokyo. The core of the series is the Hell Bullet Shooting genre and is produced by ZUN, who heads up the Shanghai Alice team. Almost everything from the story, characters, programs, and sounds were created only by ZUN. In addition to shooting games, ZUN also wrote novels and original manga were produced based on the series.

The series’ set, Gensokyo, is a world isolated from this world, where all the different races such as fairies, yokai, demons, ghosts and deities as well as humans and animals live in it. The stories of the unique characters, the beautiful barrage that appeared in the games, and the catchy songs are still popular and attract many fans not only from Japan but from all over the world.

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