November 29, 2023

Kinowerkstatt, 7 p.m.: Kristen Stewart in the movie Spencer

Kinowerkstatt, 7 p.m.: Kristen Stewart in the movie Spencer

“Diana plays Kristen Stewart – she’s the perfect choice for the lead role. She’s famous. Excellent in the role and excellent against the grain, there’s hardly any outward resemblance. The acting dissonance works fantastically because Stewart never tries to imitate Diana but it gives her something of her own. What She does wonderfully is the sad look. The whole drama lies in the blink of an eye. Searching for his identity and vacillating between doubt and determination until liberation. For her and her children.” (Anna Woolner on

Kristen Stewart completely cast herself as the missing Diana.

She drives through the English countryside in a Porsche convertible to a piano sonata, and goes to a bar wearing a Chanel tartan tweet and blow-dry blonde hair to ask for directions. All the guests recognize her, whisper her name, and freeze at “living board” as she whispers questioningly to the prettiest of English class: “Excuse me, I’m looking for somewhere. No signs. Where am I?”

Diana is on her way to the royal family’s three-day Christmas party at Sandringham Castle and the question should rather be: “Who am I”, for the young woman is not only lost, but searching for herself.

“Spencer” is a royal fairy tale fantastically equipped with elements of horror and free jazz – especially on the soundtrack. A tale based on a tragedy, says the editorials. A tragedy about an icon, a mother, and an ordinary woman who finally searches for her identity. A film that, in its complexity, does more than just justice to Diana, Princess of Wales, the Queen of Hearts.

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“Goodbye England’s Rose” is sung by rock star Elton John at Lady Diana’s funeral on September 6, 1997. The ex-wife of Crown Prince Charles still holds a place of honor as the “Queen of Hearts” in the memories of her British citizens. Because of her social commitment to the sick and those in need, she is considered an example of a warm and helpful spirit. Her proven hand in the fashion world is also legendary – again and again princess robes appear at auctions and exchange hands at the highest prices.

Country: Germany, UK, USA, Chile | Year: 2021 | About 117 minutes | FSK: From 12 years old

Director: Pablo Larrain, Screenplay: Stephen Knight, Music: Johnny Greenwood, Camera: Claire Mathon, Editing: Sebastian Sepulveda, Starring: Kristen Stewart: Princess Diana; Timothy Spall Major Alistair Gregory; Jack Farthing: Prince Charles; Jack Nellen: Prince William; Freddy Spry: Prince Harry; Sean Harris; Darren McGrady; Stella Junit: The Queen; Richard’s Collection: Prince Philip; Elizabeth Berrington: Princess Anne. Amy Manson Anne Boleyn

And he breathes: “Excuse me, I’m looking for somewhere. There are no signs. Where am I?”