December 2, 2023

Kevin Figi says Marvel's Netflix heroes are 'on the board'

Kevin Figi says Marvel’s Netflix heroes are ‘on the board’

Kevin Figi says Marvel’s Netflix heroes are ‘on the board’

This Friday, the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe finally begins with release WandaVision On Disney +. Of course, most Marvel enthusiasts are excited to see some of the MCU’s biggest names on the small screen. But they also haven’t forgotten the heroes who previously issued their own shows on competing streaming services. Marvel’s impending foray into television has made Kevin Feige ask lots of questions about the fate of Netflix characters on the street level. As of now, there don’t seem to be any concrete plans to bring these champions into the larger MCU. However, Feige still didn’t rule out their return.

While talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Kevin Fiji took up the possibility recklessAnd the Jessica JonesAnd the Luke CageAnd the Iron fistAnd and The Punisher Appear in future Marvel projects. The current studio’s focus is clearly the presence of new stars in their Disney + series. But according to Feige, choice is always on the table.

“Everything is on the board,” Feige says. “This is one of the fun things about comics is that the characters will appear and disappear and come and go. It is all an inspiration for the future. There are some great characters and actors from those shows.”

Netflix canceled recklessAnd the Luke CageAnd and Iron fist Late 2018, and later disqualified Jessica Jones And the The Punisher The following year. Several fans immediately expressed hope that Marvel was planning a Disney + or Hulu revival. But according to the terms of their original Netflix deal, these characters could not appear in any new movies or TV shows from the MCU until two years after they were canceled. Technically, this means that all of these characters will be available for use starting next month, like Jessica Jones And the The Punisher They were packaged in February 2019. Unfortunately, nothing has happened yet.

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