July 16, 2024

Kathy Hoshol appoints first woman governor of New York – News

Kathy Hoshol appoints first woman governor of New York – News

  • Kathy Hochhol becomes the Governor of New York. Today, Tuesday, she will be the first woman to assume political leadership for the important region of nearly 20 million people and the US megacity of the same name.
  • Hochul succeeds Governor Andrew Cuomo, who resigned after a sexual harassment scandal.
  • She represents the more conservative wing of the New York Democrats and has been a deputy to Cuomo since 2015, who was in his third term in office.

Hochul had promised more transparency and a better working climate in higher government departments than at the time of her predecessor. She chose two distinguished women, Karen Persicelli Keough and Elizabeth Fine, for two of her highest advisory positions. According to Huechul, he plans to run for a full term next year.

“She is so proud to be sworn in as the 57th Governor of New York,” the governor wrote on Twitter that night:

On Tuesday, a party was held with her family on the program and then a speech to the residents. Hochul told WGRZ that she’s ready for her new job. But she also feels a responsibility on her shoulders.

Huge challenges

Great tasks await the new ruler. The number of COVID cases in the state has risen sharply in the past few days, unemployment is double what it was two years ago, and thousands of families are at risk of losing their homes if the state’s coronavirus eviction protection ends soon. Last but not least, Hochul is challenged to create a new governmental culture in post-Como New York. “I treat government business differently,” she said last week in Queens, promising that no one would describe the business climate she would create as “toxic.”

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climate of fear

The mood of her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, was described in a report as “antagonistic” to women and a “climate of fear”. Cuomo had resigned from his position two weeks ago after ten years after an official investigation accused him of sexual harassment of several women. Then US President Joe Biden called for his resignation. In a farewell address on Monday, the scandal-hit Democratic candidates called the scandal “unfair.” There were “moments of intense political pressure and media hype” that led to a quick verdict. Cuomo clearly sees no guilt despite the testimony of several women: “The accusations have yet to be examined and confirmed, whether by a woman or a man,” he said. But resigning won’t solve Cuomo’s legal problems.