December 9, 2023

Joe Biden's infrastructure package is not a bipartisan victory

Joe Biden’s infrastructure package is not a bipartisan victory

nThe passing of the infrastructure package is good news not only for Joe Biden, but for the United States. For many years, no one denied that the country desperately needed investment in transportation, energy, and data networks. Precisely for this reason, it is of course difficult to join the presidential euphoria over the success.

Isn’t it taken for granted that some Republicans have helped overcome this obstacle in the spending program they have long demanded? Many of them now have to justify themselves in their own camp: to give the Democratic president success is a betrayal by supporters of Donald Trump.

The road is as important as the destination

Biden also had to facilitate this package with several projects that were close to Democrats’ hearts — from high corporate taxes to big investments in elderly care. Didn’t complain that much. The method seemed to him as important as the result. Biden wants to show Americans that he (and he alone!) can still fake old-school concessions. He certainly wouldn’t mind going down in history with major social programs as Franklin D. Roosevelt’s vengeance preparing twenty-first century America. He would be at least happy to be the wise old president who made Washington work again.

The core of his agenda, the most costly social and climate protection program even after painful cuts, can at best be crammed before Republicans through Congress. To do this, he has to tame the centrifugal forces in his party. But the more Biden boasts about his ties to Republicans, the more difficult it is for him.

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Over the weekend, the president said there are “extremes on both ends” of the political spectrum making any solution difficult. This is true, but it was neglected. Because left-wing Democrats will not allow themselves to coalesce with Trumpists with impunity.