December 4, 2023

Joe Biden’s German Shepherd “leader” bit at least eleven agents and had to leave the White House

PRESIDENT AND ‘COMMANDER’ IN BETTER TIMES: After various biting attacks on staff, Joe Biden has his sponsor moved to an undisclosed location. (archive photo)

imago/zuma wire

“Commander,” the German shepherd of the presidential couple, must leave the White House. At least eleven Secret Service agents and other White House employees were bitten.

After biting a number of staff members, Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, was forced to leave the White House. The Biden family has sent the 2-year-old German shepherd to an undisclosed location while they consider next steps for the animal, a White House spokeswoman said on Wednesday (local time). CNN and Axios had previously reported that Commander, who moved to the White House as a puppy in 2021, was said to have bitten more people than was initially known.

The US Secret Service reported that eleven of its employees were bitten, but according to CNN that number is higher, and other White House employees were also bitten. In one case, the victim had to be treated in hospital.

Jill Biden’s spokeswoman, Elizabeth Alexander, said, “The safety of White House staff (…) is very important to the President and the First Lady.” “They are grateful for the patience and support of the US intelligence community and all involved as they continue to work toward solutions,” she added. “The leader is currently away from the White House grounds while next steps are evaluated,” Alexander said.

Another major from Biden’s German Shepherd mix made headlines with a biting incident after moving to the White House and was then temporarily sent to the US president’s private residence in Delaware. He later stayed with family friends.

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