December 6, 2023

John could have earned more after 42 years with the company

the retirement

The boss fires John after 42 years, then his colleagues intervene

American John recently retired – his boss held a barbecue and gave the loyal employee a certificate. Company employees are angry.


John worked for the same company for 42 years and was considered a reliable and loyal employee.


  • The president of a company in the USA organized a barbecue for the retirement of a loyal employee.

  • There was no gift for John, especially money.

  • My co-workers found this unfair.

John worked for the same company for 42 years. He also recently crossed 70 years old For retirement The employer went, organized a barbecue and gave the loyal employee a certificate – nothing more. “There’s no reward,” his co-worker Sonia said angrily. She used a Tiktok video to bring attention to John’s fundraiser. Her clip then went viral.

In her video, Sonia says the senior citizen has been commuting 40 minutes a day to work for minimum wage for more than four decades. As thanks for his service and loyalty, he was rewarded with a trivial barbecue when he retired.

For his co-workers, this appreciation for John and his commitment to the company is not enough. Many of these people have known the man for over 30 years, and have no understanding of this level of injustice. The video clip shows the man working in a warehouse. The name of the company is unknown, and Sonia’s video reached nearly 400,000 people within a few hours.

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John receives 33,500 francs as a gift

John is an extremely talented and hard-working employee. “His energy is unparalleled,” the upset colleague wrote on the GoFundMe page she started. “Can we give John something more for his retirement? He has neither a wife nor children, but a nephew whom he loves more than anything else. “It would be nice to give him a little company or do something to let him know he’s special and loved.”

Her words touched a lot of people, because shortly after Sonia posted her video, $36,504 (about 33,500 francs) had already been raised. When the funds collected exceeded John’s contribution to the pension fund, she deactivated the acceptance of donations.

“All the best in your retirement, John. “You deserve more than what this company gave you,” one donor wrote. Another person commented: “It is an honor to contribute to your retirement.”

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