May 23, 2024

Truss' resignation is a "blow of luck" for the kings

Truss’ resignation is a “blow of luck” for the kings

Because King Charles and Liz Truss did not get along well, her resignation was a “blow of luck”. According to one expert, the government crisis is distracting attention from the king.


The basics in brief

  • One expert said Liz Truss and King Charles had a strained relationship.
  • Her resignation now distracts from the new monarch and his mistakes.
  • So the prime minister’s resignation is a “real stroke of luck”.

It wasn’t unexpected: Liz Truss (47) stepped up on Thursday again as prime minister. She was only in the position for six weeks, but it was during this time Lots of chaos and turmoil Prepared in Great Britain. So Great Britain should be relieved to resign. According to one expert, perhaps also with King Charles (73) – for several reasons.

Stefan Platt tells “Bunte” that the new monarch and the prime minister had a strained relationship. It may also be because Truss did not send the king to United Nations Climate Conference He wanted to leave next month. But Charles protect the climate and environment at heart.

Charles and Truss have not publicly revealed their strained relationship. But on a visit to Buckingham Palace, he saluted her with the words: “Back there? Oh my God.” Royal expert Platt explains that he cannot identify with her: “Resignation is a real stroke of luck for the king.”

Resignation directs media focus away from King Charles

Because of the government crisis It also draws media attention away from the new king. Criticisms, for example about suspicious cash donations from Qatar a few years ago, are now completely muted. Because the mourning period Queen Elizabeth († 96) Done, it wouldn’t be unusual to decipher Charles’ mistakes again. This also Meghan Markle’s ‘Variety’ interview It doesn’t get much attention in the British media.

Politically, King Charles and Lees did not have hay truss at the same stage either. The King is conservative, but not in the spirit of Liz Truss or Boris Johnsona possible successor, according to Platt.

trusses Tax relief for the wealthy It would have alienated many Britons. But Charles wanted a good political and economic mood among the entire population. Because then he will be more positive towards the royal family. If the people are doing poorly, there may be a fight against “those out there”, which the Franchisor King wants to avoid.

Was it Liz Truss’ move in the right direction?

As successor to Truss, Charles would like someone who cares about climate protection and has a Christian attitude. In addition, the new prime minister must respect the palace and its traditional values ​​and be close to the people. Royal expert Platt: “Charles’ best wishes are for peace to return and people to be happy.”

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