June 14, 2024

Changing the time is not available in every country

Changing the time is not available in every country

Time change is a controversial topic over and over again – also in Switzerland. There are even countries in Europe that do without it completely.


The basics in brief

  • Most countries in Europe change their hours twice a year.
  • In Africa and South America, the time change has never occurred.
  • There, the regulations will have no effect on usable daylight.

Changing the time is a long tradition in Switzerland. It is normal for the clocks to be changed twice a year. But not every country knows this regulation.

Switching to daylight saving time has always been a topic of debate – also in Switzerland. Repeatedly Cancellation discussion. In other countries, the clock change has already been canceled, while others have done without it from the start.

The United States wants to abolish time regulation

In the USA, it was recently suggested not to turn back the clocks. subordinate U.S. congress Unanimously adopting daylight saving time – the so-called “daylight saving time”. Concretely, this means that in October 2023 Americans will not have to set their clocks back an hour. Researchers are now criticizing the fact that winter time should have been used instead.

Countries near the equator do not change time

Above all, tropical countries close to the equator do not know the change of time. the reason? The length of the day is mostly unchanged.

Examples are many countries in Africa, Asia and America. In South America, for example, Chile and Paraguay are the only ones your time today still around. In Africa, only Morocco and Western Sahara have summer and winter times.

In Asia too, many countries do not have a time shift. These include China, Japan, Laos, India, Thailand and Cambodia, among others.

In Russia, too, the clocks no longer turn.

Summer or winter?

However, cancellation in the country was not so easy: in 2011, Russia initially decided to introduce permanent summer time. In 2014, they switched to perpetual winter time. Because many are bothered by the late sunrise in the colder months.

But since the change, the Russian people have complained about the lack of Daytime hours in the evening. In addition, many people also suffer from sleep disturbances since then.

In Europe, almost all countries turn the clock twice a year. Iceland was the only one to use the time change in 1968, and Belarus has done without it since 2014.

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