July 17, 2024

Trump’s female voice overshadows Democrats in Arizona

Trump’s female voice overshadows Democrats in Arizona

Midterms also revolve around who will oversee the 2024 presidential election. In this fight for democracy, Democrats aren’t doing well in Arizona of all places. Her candidate for governor escapes an argument with Trump’s nominee.

Carrie Lake is seen by many as the female voice and the leader of Trumpism.

Carlos Barria/Reuters

Midterm elections to the US Congress usually focus on the fight for seats in Washington. This year, however, results in the states may be much more significant. Because it is state governors, ministers of state and justice ministers who will organize, review and ratify above all the upcoming presidential elections. Trump wants to fill as many of these positions as possible with loyal candidates. Jim Marchant, who is running for Secretary of State in Nevada, said that if all of these people were elected, the 2024 election could not be rigged, recently in a rally. “We’ll solve the problem, we’ll fix the whole country, and President Trump will be president again.”

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